Monday, December 31, 2012


A Personal New Year's Message

* * * From the desk of Christian Claudio * * *
It all began with an email. My emails were boring so I had to include something of interest. I found myself expressing personal thoughts then graduating to positive messages because I wanted to say what I needed to hear. I figure, people were experiencing the ups and downs of life like I was. Folks quickly responded and strangers shared intimate details of their life with me. I read their messages and responded appropriately. Each response was filled with variations of our collective reality. I started getting compliments on my thoughtful emails that seem to touch spirits. I became a better person because my expression was a reflection of the people I was interacting with. I found myself more in tune with the dynamics of rooms I entered.

Recently, I received many messages of how people are suffering (health, finances, personal, etc). I try to respond to each message with respect, love and understanding. I am no spiritual leader nor do I get paid by the hour but I care about people. The messages were difficult to read. With the New Year approaching and folks realizing that last year’s resolutions were not met, they were not in the best of spirits. People are without electricity and some are homeless and they have full time jobs. I know some will say it is their fault, but we are all part of a collective consciousness. Even the flow of money takes a community. With people spending less, businesses are suffering. Private parties, that hire musicians and caterers, were cancelled due to the flow of money. Clubs lowered their usual ridiculous New Year’s Eve prices due to the flow of money. Etc, Etc. Why are we not pulling together to help each other out?

Here is what I hope for in the New Year: With the massive chain reactions that are taking place everyone will have to work together. We will stop thinking as individuals and start thinking as a community. I am my brothers keeper will read I am another human beings keeper. The reality of why there is crime, mental issues and a drugged up society will hit home and we will start making real change.

Despite my own personal struggles, I refuse to give up on human kind. We are at our best when we come together. What small things will you do to help the world be a better place?

Here is a story I have seen in many forms: A great warrior searched the world for the book of infinite knowledge. They fought long and hard. Finally, they reached the tallest mountain in the most remote part of the world. This is where the final battle was going to take place. The final opponent seemed to be the greatest challenge. As the warrior moved forward to fight, the opponent motioned for the warrior to stop. The intimidating opponent pointed down a path and told the warrior the book of all knowledge is that way. The warrior realized that there was not going to be a battle. The warrior looked beyond the opponent and saw a beautiful gazebo. As the warrior walked towards the gazebo they noticed each side of the path displayed calm waters filled with beautiful flowers and exotic birds flying over head. Beyond the gazebo, there was cliff and the most spectacular horizon that one can expect being on top of a mountain. In the gazebo the book was suspended in mid air. The warrior entered the gazebo and felt a warm feeling surround their body as they open the book. Finally, the answers will be revealed. The warrior looked into the book of all knowledge. It was a mirror, a mirror reflecting the warrior…

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

With love,
Christian Claudio

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  1. Haley Parker said... April 10, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    Yes, i usually receive some new year messages from my friends especially on the 30th and 31st and so far they more of well-wishers.

  2. Sheila Jackson said... October 22, 2013 at 2:34 AM

    This is nice. Well, it's really good to send and recieve New Year wishes messages from friends and family, that is what I always look forward to every holiday. Cheers to all!

  3. Anirudh Sethi said... November 29, 2013 at 12:58 AM

    So true...if each one of us try n give back a little to the society..New Year Wishes and celebrations woukd become more meaningful.

  4. Cuttysark said... December 27, 2013 at 6:37 PM

    Nice post, i greet friends and family member on special occasion to show i care. This year im also sending out new year messages.

    Happy New Year,

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