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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Charlie Kroy
January 2013

It is a New Year, so I've decided to begin with introducing myself to you.  Therefore giving you a perspective of where I am “coming from”.  With that said, I did want to leave you with some food for thought until my next submission in February.  What does “Stand Your Ground” really mean?  Shouldn't we be teaching our children how to “Stand Their Ground” by being confident? Giving them the tools to stand up for themselves so that bullying isn't a problem that we tolerate and learn to cope with.  There are so many factors that goes into ones character.  So many that it is very difficult to have a solution.  There is neglect in the family, by the community, we must address psychosis… but while we are focused on the problem, we still have many who are struggling to be productive and they aren't receiving the acknowledgement or support.  

What if we encouraged our youth to “Rise Up” (AtlantaJ) Speak out about injustices.  It sounds easy but articulating yourself can be intimidating.  We have to teach our youth how to be confident.  I must say honestly, I am tired of trying to make a horse drink.  It is just about impossible.  And as I struggle to do so the rest of the herd is unattended.  Why not tend to those who want to be tended to?  If you want change, you have to make it.  For years I resented living in Georgia, but what Georgia provided was an opportunity for me to pay what I would for rent in the projects of New York, and pay for a lifestyle that was more conducive to raising my daughters.  

Now, anyone who knows me knows how much I love NY.  But if my money didn't allow me to live in an area where gun shots were the norm, or the community that I was residing in was divided by gangs then change had to be made.  In my case change had to be retained as you will learn in my memoirs DYING TO BE LOVED.  So is it too much to suggest that you get up and move to save your family? Or should we stand fast and watch helplessly as our children are terrorized to the point of dysfunction and even death?

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