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Bullycide: To Whom It Concerns

I would like to introduce to you the latest blogger to join my team. Her name is Normandy D. Piccolo. She appreciates the opportunity to be a guest blogger on this site, and hopes to learn and contribute more toward both bullying and gang prevention. 

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Bio Info:

Normandy Piccolo is a short story author, novelist, model, advertising copywriter and a talented poet. She has work appearing or forthcoming in dozens of venues including Radio Scripts for the “Click it or Ticket” National Campaign, and “Operation Lifesaver” which featured Country Music sensation, Charlie Daniels.
Normandy Piccolo also fancies herself as a song writer who has written such tracks as “My Best Friend Ted” which adorned constant radio air play in Chicago during the late 1990’s. Additionally, Normandy also worked on the “God Speaks” Billboard Campaign contributing continuous concepts. As if that wasn’t enough, Normandy also wrote scripts for the television cartoon, “Auto-B-Good” and was a former Model for such magazines as Metal Edge and Circus.
Currently residing in Tampa, Florida Normandy loves to soak up the sunshine every chance she gets; occasionally finding solace and creative inspiration overlooking the incredible sunsets of Tampa Bay.  
Miss Piccolo is quoted as saying, “To me, there’s nothing more relaxing and exhilarating as just sitting down with a good book that tends to take hold of your Soul and your imagination. One of my favorite books is, “The Giving Tree,” by, Shel Silverstein. Any field that encapsulates and causes your creativity to thrive such as: music, art, or writing is something that interests me. I do feel I am a very spiritual person and I thank God every day for the blessings, opportunities and talent that He has given me.”
On the Social Media Scene, she can be found on Twitter (@BullycideBook, Facebook (, LinkedIn and even Blogger. Her latest creation and method of outreach is her new website: If you wish to contact Normandy directly, please do so via the user submission form located on her web site.

– By Normandy D. Piccolo

“How should I end it and if I did, would you care?
I could cut my veins open and let blood ooze everywhere.
How should I end it and if I did would you run?
I could wrap my lips around the barrel and pull the trigger of a gun.
How should I end it and if I did would you feel a sharp pang?
I could noose a belt around my neck, jump off a chair and hang.
How should I end it and if I did would you let out a shrill?
I could get a glass of water and down a bottle of sleeping pills.
Why should I end it? It’s because of your hate.
You say hurtful things, you spit on my lunch plate.
You say you’re just kidding, but that’s not the truth.
Want to know how I know?
I’ll tear open my chest and show you the proof.
My heart is riddled with pain, hurt and misery.
Why should I end it?
It’s because you won’t let me be.
Maybe I’ll fight back...maybe, we’ll see.
But if I should end it just know this one thing.
I ended it because of you, you cruel, heartless, mean thing.”

Bullycide is the act of killing oneself intentionally because of other words suicide by bullying.

Bullies inflict a variety of abuse on their intended victims. The different types of bullying can range from the spreading of sexted photographs/videos, physical abuse, emotional abuse, cyber abuse or mental abuse. Bullies love to attack their victims using one or a combination of the above-mentioned methods.

We, as a society, need to come together and figure out a way to put a stop to these countless, senseless young deaths. T-shirts and banners with anti-bullying sayings are fine, but offer little in the solution department. It is one thing to talk the talk, but it is another to walk the walk.

I believe the time has come to peel back the layers of the bully onion and expose the real, raw truth and damage which can cause a child to literally be bullied to death. By exposing the harsh reality, one can only hope but to achieve a better understanding of this horrific phenomenon and in turn find a solution to keep our children alive. It truly breaks my heart to read story after story of young, beautiful children who did not have to die.

According to Yale University, victims of bullying are between 2 to 9 times more likely to contemplate committing suicide, than those who have not been bullied. Girls, ages 10-14 appear to be at the highest risk of committing Bullycide, but boys are not too far behind, often falling prey to the vicious, cruel, self-esteem leveling methods brought about by bullying which girls have been enduring for years.

My blog will focus primarily on the topic of Bullycide. The victims of Bullycide are so young, so beautiful, so hurt, and their deaths are so tragic. The youngest case I found is 6 years old. How does a child that young have suicide on their mind…let alone get bullied to the point of no return? It’s insane and wrong.

My goal is to thrust the topic of Bullycide into the spotlight where it can be fully examined in the hopes of bringing about awareness of this fast growing issue and to hopefully find a solution. No child should ever feel the need to end their life because of a bully. Ever.

If you have been the victim of bullying or attempted Bullycide, I would love to hear your story and possibly share it in this blog. Your life matters and your story may make a difference in someone’s life. Please send it to; DO NOT include attachments or embedded files.

PS – To each and every child/teen who is being bullied…Please know this;

May you find happiness
May you find love
May your heart never grow weary
May you no longer get shoved
May you find courage when times are tough
May you never lose strength
May you never give up
May you stay the course
May you never lose sight
May you admit when you are wrong
May you rejoice when you are right
May you come to realize you have so much to give
May you know here and now the time has come to 
I Luv U!
Honest! <3

Here are some stories of current young, beautiful, talented, warriors who lost their bully battle. Unfortunately, these children are only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more :(

Rest in peace dear sweet souls
You fought your hardest
The bully battle is over...
You Will Always Be Loved
And Never Forgotten

Felecia Garcia (15): Committed bullycide on October 24, 2012, via jumping in front of a moving train on Staten Island in front of 200 students. She was bullied by classmates after having sex with four football players the weekend before. The acts were recorded. Her last words on Twitter were, “I can’t, I’m done, I give up.”

Josh Pacheco (17): Committed bullycide on November 27, 2012, via sitting in his truck in a closed garage. He was pushed into lockers and teased at school because he was gay. His last words posted on Facebook read, “I regret to announce that this is the end. I’m going now, I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye.” – Lord of the Rings

Jessica Laney (16): Committed bullycide on December 9, 2012, via hanging at home. She was bullied by internet trolls who called her fat and a slut and posted comments on her page such as, “Can you kill yourself already?” “Nobody even cares about you.”

Jessica’s response to a question about suicide on her page read, “If you ever feel this low I just wanna say it’s not your fault. I know you feel useless, broken, not wanted and alone. I was there. But I promise you it will get better. You will get through the endless pain. I promise school will be over soon and you can get away from the judgmental f**ks. Nothing is worth it. It will all get better.”

Jadin Bell (15): Committed bullycide on January 19, 2013, via hanging from playground equipment. He was removed from life support by his family. He was bullied in person and on the internet because he was gay.

Miguel Rodriguez (12): Committed bullycide on January 23, 2013, via hanging at home. He was called midget, gay and Mexican. He was also pelted with full bottles of water in the face and kicked in the privates. He was shoved from behind while on his knees. He used to get up every morning and measure his height, hoping to have grown over night so the bullies would leave him alone.

Duncan Ballard (14): Committed bullycide on January 1, 2013. The means of death is unknown. He was picked-on. His family described him as different, loving and smart.

Hailey Petee (11): Committed bullycide on January 27, 2013, via hanging at home from the bed. She was picked on so much she cried every day after school and did not want to get on the bus. She was bullied because she wore glasses and struggled with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She made some artwork which read, “Stop Bullying, Free Zone”.

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