Wednesday, April 24, 2013


No Angel Am I

No Angel Am I 

by Normandy D. Piccolo

No angel am I
Heard sleeping around’s a sin
Not ready to go to heaven
Won’t dare let you boys win

My reputation got branded
Slut, Whore, Easy, Bitch
The boys called me by my name
Until I mistakenly scratched their horny itch

How dare you boys spread rumors
How dare you boys scoff
My intentions weren’t only
To get your worthless rocks off.

I sought Acceptance
I wanted Love
I needed Affection
Some help from above.

But your hate fueled strife
Made me as popular as Hester Prynne
Slut shame comes with a price ya know
Now everyone knows whose bed I’ve laid in

I got used, I got damaged
Lied too, and mislead
A human mattress the boys called me
“She’ll sleep with anyone”, they’ve falsely said

The viral sexting campaign launched
The destruction that can’t be erased
No matter which State I move too
The world will forever know my face

Inbox offers from strangers
They keep pouring in
Lay back. No, kneel down
Unread. Delete. They meet the trash bin

I’m not a heavenly angel,
Not literally anyway
Because someone reached out
Someone begged me to stay

No matter what I’ve done
I know I’ll always be better than you
See, the angels have given me wings of flight
I now rise above anything hateful you try to do

I'm free from the shame
The future is bright
My life is again mine
I'm still here, bathed in sunlight

SLUT SHAMING - Ugh, how I despise those two words…especially resting side by side in the same sentence. Slut Shaming has recently been thrust back into the spotlight because of what happened with a beautiful angel named, Rehtaeh Parsons. But she is not alone. Other precious angels like; Phoebe Prince, Felecia Garcia, Chevonea Kendall-Bryan, Amanda Todd, Jessica Logan, Samantha Kelly, Hope Winsell and Rachael Ehmke, were literally bullied to their graves because of wrongful Slut Shaming.

A girl should NEVER EVER be made to feel bad because of naked photos or risque video she may have taken herself or had unknowingly taken of her. Is it wise to take naked pictures of yourself and send them to your current boyfriend because he asked you to do so? Probably not a good idea.

Remember…relationships do sour and people can be vengeful and cruel. Is it wise to engage in any type of sexual behavior and have it recorded? Absolutely not! If you are under the age of 18, consider it CHILD PORN.

Regardless of the number of boys, the naked pictures or the risqué videos, these girls should never be so humiliated to the point of no return. It’s wrong. Let’s not forget…it takes two, or maybe more to tango. So if these girls are going to be labeled badly…then perhaps the other participant(s) should step on up and claim their shame tag(s) too.

Bullies and their cohorts are ignorant. They spread vicious rumors about girls who are promiscuous and blame it on hot hormones, calling them, “Whore, Slut, Skank, Tramp, Bitch, Ho, Tease, Loose, Easy and Nympho.” Bullies latch right on to any dirt out there on an intended target and without mercy, brow-beat the victim to the point where she’s so shamed, so damaged, so hurt, she only sees one way out. Bullycide. Slut Shamers/Bullies won’t let the naked pictures or videos go away…even if the girl moves to a new town. Because of social media, it is an almost certainty that her past behavior will be brought front and center, opening up the oozing wounds that had just begun to finally heal.

While some girls are wrongly taken advantage of due to the misuse of alcohol or drugs, others are manipulated by smooth talking boys and the desire to belong/fit in/be popular/socially accepted. The root of what drives such promiscuous behavior by these girls boils down to three simple things; they seek acceptance, they want love and they need affection. It’s not about the sex act itself. It’s about trying to fill a void within themselves. They are young, they are confused, they are misguided and they are getting used.

My heart breaks each time I read another story about a girl who ended her life because of Slut Shaming. I am glad to see the law is beginning to change…and for those who drive a victim senselessly to their grave, to be held accountable for their vicious actions. Yes, it is a proven fact that a child’s brain is still developing in the teen years…but you can’t sit back and convince me that these bullies, down inside, don’t know right from wrong
To the girls out there now being Slut Shamed let me tell you this;

I know it hurts like hell. You think your life is over, ruined and you will never be happy again. You feel powerless because the pictures and/or video are out there in cyber-space and you can’t make it go away. Everyone has seen them. You are so tired, so sick of being put down and made to feel bad about yourself. You want it to stop. But how do you make it stop?

Well, the only thing you can do is to get a “I don’t give a hoot attitude” about the pictures and the video. You have the power within yourself to rise up above the bullies and their pathetic verbal beatings and start making changes for YOU.

You have to start focusing your attention and your power on what you CAN DO and stop focusing on what you can’t do. Yes it sucks that the pics and vid are out there…but forget it. That’s in the past. You can’t take it back. You can’t erase it.

Today, here, right now…YOU CAN TAKE THE POWER BACK. If you don’t give a hoot and show that it bothers you…pretty soon the bullies will get bored and move on.

Don’t believe me? Look at the many Hollywood Celebs who have been Slut Shamed and have gone on with their lives not giving a care what people think. Guess what? What they did in the past is no longer news. Is it remembered? Sometimes, but so what. The computer trolls tongues' no longer wag about a certain celeb’s past behavior because it’s old news and because the celeb TOOK THE POWER BACK! They didn’t give a hoot what was written by the rag mags or what was noted in website comment sections. This has nothing to do with the fact that a celeb has money or fame. It’s about PERSONAL POWER. It’s about CONTROL.

CONTROL is what a bully has over you, if you let them. See, a bully has the control to call you ugly names, send out viral naked photos of you and basically make your life a living hell. I say they have the control because they know if and when they do these things, they are going to get the typical defeated reaction from you…the crying, the depression, the helplessness, an Eyore, “Whoa is me I done lost my tail” attitude.

I’m not saying you don’t have a right to feel those emotions. You do. It hurts. What I am saying is if you flip it and come back with your head held high and a “I don’t give a hoot”, attitude, it’s gonna spin them on their ear and leave them confused as to what to do. You are no longer being controlled by them. YOU TOOK THE CONTROL. YOU HAVE THE POWER.

Be confident. Be strong. Be you and love yourself no matter what you may or may not have
done. We all do crazy, ridiculous stuff from time to time. It’s what makes us human. Nobody is perfect. NOBODY.

I’m sending you a BIG VIRTUAL HUG. You are beautiful. 

Remember…Never Let A Bully Win. Fight Back. Live.



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