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Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes

Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes
by the Unicorn Hunter

Academically refined, politically in tune and funny; are just a few of the attributes that makes Hunter so amazing. Through the trials and tribulations 14 year old Hunter has utilized her journey to set the stage for extraordinary changes. Many times when the storms come we instinctively want to run for cover. Hunter has stood her ground in life. By sharing an intimate portrait of her, will not only be therapeutic for Hunter but hopefully inspiring for others, too. Isn’t that what life is about? We share ourselves to some extent with one another because it is the way we connect. At a young age Hunter is seeking the meaning of life. Even when the terrain becomes unbearable, A Hunter will readjust and continue on. What is extraordinary is when you seek what has not yet been seen.

Happy Sailings,
The Unicorn Hunter

I've been bullied since my first day in pre-k. But it started to really affect me in 5th grd. People just get meaner as they age (I wonder how they'll be when they are old)? Elementary school: You're too fat!, You're too quiet!, Teacher's pet!, Lame!, Slow!. ...

Middle School: You're too skinny! Lesbian! (I'm bi), YOU NEED TO TALK MORE! , You need to listen to rap! Ugly! Shut up, and get some braces!  Then seventh and eighth grade started and then the bullying got physical.   I've been to seven schools for moving reasons and avoiding bullying.  One of those schools, the moment I walked in, guys were trying to either talk to me or laughed at me.  The girls would whisper quite loudly about me, mock me, and even one group of big and scary girls were planning on jumping me. That all happened in a day! The moment I walked off the bus, I burst into tears.  My mom took me out of the school that same day.  I home schooled for the remainder of the grade, which wasn't new for me.  But I was very lonely and would usually play video games instead of my work (I'm glad i didn't fall behind!) Eighth grade, I moved to a new neighborhood far away from the last one.  My immediate feeling was joy because the area looked much nicer than the previous.  But looks can be deceiving.  To this day, people at my new school are no longer destroying me with words like the other schools, but with words AND strikes!  The same insults like before, but with some added spice such as devil worshiper and anorexic.  One girl even said I looked like her anorexic friend! 
This one boy decided one day to slap me, not once, not twice, NOPE! NOT EVEN THREE TIMES! BUT REPEATEDLY!  I made a poor attempt to slap him back. Many other awful bullying memories, but I'll get into details later.....

Happy Sailings!

The Unicorn Hunter

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