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Bye, Bye Bullies!

Bye, Bye Bullies!
By: Flowering Spring Tree
December 1, 2013

When one is not around and not interacting with people who are bullies, there is a noticeable, positive difference!  I say this because there have been some changes and transitions in my family's life, recently; and with those have come fewer interactions with people who behave in ways that are cold, hurtful, insensitive, and bullyish.  Hurray!  I, for one, am very happy about that.  Can you tell?

My family has not been active in as many interactions and experiences, lately, that have caused us to associate with as many people.  What we have noticed as a result is lowered stress and pressure, increased happiness, less competition, decreased frustration levels, and a better sense of general ease and peace.  It has certainly been enjoyable to step away from the roller coaster that life can sometimes bring, and instead, enjoy the serene calm of a light breeze blowing along still waters.  Aahh, can you feel the sensations? 

It is, indeed, possible to experience and enjoy life that includes less stress, as well as fewer interactions and communications with bullies.  Of course, it is very difficult to avoid situations that can include people who bully others - and who get their thrills and enjoyment from it - though it is possible if one is willing to step away many of the unnecessary pressures of life.  Wouldn't it be nice to feel happiness, relaxation, and enjoyment within oneself?  I have.

It's possible for you to experience that happiness, relaxation, and enjoyment, as well.  There are many ways that you can achieve this state.  Making fewer trips out to order, buy, or pick-up whatever items you desire is helpful.  Consolidate three trips into one.  People who are bullies tend not to change, and they get satisfaction from being hurtful, so take stock and avoid those people.  Better yet, if possible, confront them with their behavior, suggest improvements, and should things worsen, seek elsewhere in which to commune with others.  That goes for adults, youth, and children.  If the pressures of holiday shopping are making you upset or getting you down, think of whether or not you really need the items that you want.  Save money and headaches, and just get the essentials. 

There are many ways that we can make life easier and better for ourselves.  Some of those ways include cutting back or eliminating certain activities from our lives that may be stressful, high pressure, frustrating, and/or which include bullies.  Do yourself a favor this holiday season and give yourself the gifts of peace, serenity, and enjoyment.  Step away from the rat race, and take some time to smell the roses.  It's healthier for mind and body.  You'll be glad that you did!

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